It is our belief that the attainment of our QHSE policies is based upon the establishment and implementation of a continuously improving management system. For the demonstration of WellGear’s ability to consistently provide a service that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements an integrated QHSE management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS:2008 and VCA P* has been developed and implemented. The fundamental expectations within our QHSE management system are:

  • Ensure that safe, regulatory compliant and suitable for purpose assets are designed and  in place

  • Ensure that health, safety and environmental risks are preventively identified and controlled in design and operations

  • Act as a reliable, high performing and accountable partner for clients

  • Provide the capacity and flexibility within the organization to allow customer specific requests and standards to be taken at heart and adhered to

  • Continuously improve the efficiency of our integrated QHSE management system which evaluated during the annual management review

  • Ensure a pro-active HSE observation mentality is cascaded throughout the company by the WellGear Observation Program and efficient communication structure

  • Ensure all incidents and non-conformances are reported, responded to and analyzed for improvement

  • Our target of zero incidents and non-conformances 

All personnel have the authority, the responsibility and are accountable to stop any work that place themselves, their colleagues and others at risk or can cause damage. No form of retribution, intimidation or negative repercussions shall be directed to any individual for exercising SWA.

This is my commitment to you.”

Sigo Tjeerdsma
General Manager