Hydraulic Workover

ESP & regular work overs

Hydraulic workover units (HWU) are rapidly gaining global recognition in performing the same well-servicing applications as conventional derrick equipment, especially when critical limitations such as space and deck-loading problems arise. With their light, modular design, hydraulic units are ideally suited for use in remote locations or tight platforms. HWU’s currently on the market used for installing ESP’s are often facing challenges due to their limitations resulting in an inefficient operation. Our concept dealt with this inconvenience ensuring a smooth and safe operation.

Hydraulic units can be employed to provide a wide range of services. In essence, a hydraulic unit is a tool that can do everything a rig can do, plus it can perform under pressure in an under balanced live well state. With the use of the snubbing units' hydraulic rotary, the unit can be employed for work overs, fishing, milling, drilling, side tracking or any task needed to remove bridge plugs, cement or deepen wells. In that perspective most workover companies would supply a standard package what is supposed to be able performing all above tasks although it’s limitations.

With this in mind and current equipment on the market not being upgraded for decades, we found that the time had come to make the next step in design with the focus on the following criteria:

  • Modular
  • Free standing
  • Automated pipe handling
  • Reduce required personnel/crews with 40%
  • Zero wellhead loading
  • Fast rig moves
  • Limited crane usage
  • Reliable rotating capability
  • Thru bore from 14” up to 36”