Dewatering Optimization

Optimizing your dewatering process can be achieved by installing a D.A.D head™. This Depth Adjustable Dewatering head allows you to manipulate the dewatering string throughout the first gas fill process ensuring optimum dewatering depth. This tool also eliminates expensive wellhead equipment such as hangers, valves, flow lines etc. as these items are integrated in the D.A.D head forming also part of the snubbing BOP stack to be used for the removal of the dewatering string once the first gas fill is completed. No extensive preparation such as dismantling of the installation would be required as the D.A.D. head would be part of the snubbing package to be used for the string removal. Our snubbing units will fit seamless on the D.A.D head structure with the result of being ready for interventions within 24 hours.

Beneficial features

  • dryer gas
  • larger volume
  • quick interventions

We look forward to discuss your specific requirements to optimize your dewatering process.