The WellGear 460K P&A unit differs in comparison with “standard” HWO Units currently on the market. The Unit is suited to HWO work but has been designed with P&A firmly in mind. Its small foot print and modular design ensures a simple setup. It has a large bore (32”) enabling the Unit to perform full abandonments, from tubing pulling all the way through to conductor recovery.

The use of a power swivel system makes it ideal for milling and cutting operations. The Unit has been designed to be free standing thus eliminating the requirement for guy-wires. The spacious work basket also allows for cutting and pinning machines to be operated with ease thus making the unit ideal for conductor recovery.


Pull capacity: 460.000 lbs./210 ton
Push capacity: 230.000 lbs./105 ton
Max. Power Swivel torque (at 60 RPM): 6.000 ft./lbs. / 12.000 ft./lbs. - 8.135 Nm / 16.270 Nm
Stroke: 10 ft./ 3 meter
Thru-bore: 32” / 812,8 mm
Gin Pole: 5.500 lbs / 2500 kg dual winches ; 11.000 lbs. / 5000 kg main winch
Max windload for continued operations: 72,18 ft/s /22 m/s
Max windload for structural integrity: 180,4 ft/s / 55 m/s 

  • Modular Concept, rapid (dis) assembly. 
  • Guide and pin assembly methods decrease set-up and rig down times. 
  • Free-standing, no guy wires. 
  • Thru bore of 32” able to perform complete cycle of well abandonment. 
  • Jack position reduces rig up height, able to use on platforms with limited crane height. 
  • Power swivel increases rotary capabilities. 
  • Design features reduce the requirement for large amount of hoses; only seven (7) hoses from unit to Hydraulic Power Unit. 

  • Enclosed work areas. 
  • Simple transport installation as all modules are DNV 2.71 certified; therefore eliminating the need for transport baskets. 
  • Limited human exposure to risk due to a high degree of automation. 
  • No moving parts from jack assembly in workbasket, creating more workspace for personnel and ability to have trolley system for tong and power swivel. 
  • Improved wellsite ergonomics.