The WellGear 460K HWO / Snubbing Unit is a class leading modern and innovative design. Suited to a variety of operations from High Pressure Snubbing to Abandonments.

This versatile Unit has been ergonomically designed with the following key features:

  • Modular design with pinned connections rather than the traditional bolted connections. This significantly reduces rig-up time along with reducing exposure of personnel to risks related to hoisting and assembling parts.
  • Multicouplers are utilised for hydraulic hook up for efficient rig up.
  • The hydraulics design is a closed loop system reducing the number of hoses required from the powerpack from circa. thirty (30) in a traditional unit to seven (7). This significantly reduces rig-up time.
  • The structure is DNV 2.7-1 certified to allow for lifting straight from a vessel rather than multi containerised lifts further reducing the risk to personnel and rig up time.
  • The unit has 15’ stroke compared to the traditional 10’ stroke. Significantly increasing operational efficiency and flexibility.
  • Ergonomically designed with a large operator console, large work areas, enclosed decks, and internal access via stairs instead of ladders.
  • Two Personnel Safety Escape Chutes are installed for land work to evacuate people if required in a safe manner from the work basket.
  • The Unit is designed to be free standing without the requirement for guy wires.
  • The rotary has been integrated into the travel plate.





Pull capacity

460.000 lb

207 mT

Push capacity

230.000 lbs.

104 mT


15 ft.

4,6 m

Rotary table torque

22.000 ft.lb

27.116 Nm



368 mm

Gin Pole

22.046 lb

10.000 kg

               Counterbalance winches

2 x 5.512 lb

2 x 2.500 kg

               Main Winch

11.023 lb

5.000 kg

Tong trolley capacity

10.000 lb           

4.536 kg

Max windspeed for continued operations

72 ft/s

22 m/s

Max windspeed for structural integrity




180 ft/s

131 ft/s


55 m/s

40 m/s

Designed and certified to DNV 2.71



Hazardous area classification ATEX Ex II 2G IIB T3 c (zone 1)