The 340K HWO is a modular system with distinctive technical advantages in comparison with “standard” HWO units. The unit is designed on the principle of “plug-and-play by means of hydraulic fast connectors reducing the number of hoses to an absolute minimum.  Most hydraulics and electrics are fixed and pre-connected to the source; hence it is no longer required to lift separate consoles. Furthermore the unit is equipped with 5 meter cylinders resulting in less number of strokes per joint being 33% more efficient. Assembling is done by a guide/pin method and with the use of side baskets the potential for dropped objects is reduced significantly.

The equipment is build according API 4-F (Specifications for Drilling and Well Servicing Structures) and 8-A (Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment) and rated for 130 mph and 6.0 seismic loading.  Structural calculations, full manufacturing traceability and competent party review were part of the verification procedure to ensure structural integrity. The structural calculations were made for a large number of load cases which represent the loads acting on the unit under normal and accidental situations.


Pull capacity; 340.000 lbs/154 ton
Push capacity: 165.000 lbs / 75 ton
Max. rotary torque (at 80 RPM): 24.000 ft./lbs (80RPM)/32.540 Nm
Stroke: 15 ft./ 5 meter
Slip bowls: 340.000 lbs / 154 ton
Thru-bore: 14,5” / 368,3 mm
Mast: 1.500 lbs / 680 kg dual winches ; 10.000 lbs. / 4,6 ton main winch
Max windload for continued operations: 72,18 ft/s /22 m/s
Max windload for structural integrity: 180,4 ft/s / 55 m/s