The WellGear Group

The WellGear Group furnishes the petroleum, geothermal, salt solution mining, gas storage and natural gas industries with snubbing, workover and well control services that are prone to success. The company’s quality objective is heavily stooled upon the extensive experience of personnel, the thorough pre-engineering phase of asset design and the implementation of an effective management system.

Progressive unit design

The design principle of the “hydraulic workover unit” has not been upgraded for the last decades, despite the significant amount of room for improvement. WellGear aims to take the process to the next level by:

  • The incorporation of an automatic pipe handling system
  • The elimination of wellhead loading, guy wires and deadweights
  • The elimination of intensive crane usage and the risk of working at heights
  • The elimination of time consuming rig ups

We embrace the opportunity to demonstrate these features and discuss applications for your future projects. WellGear aspires to introduce their first modular package to the market in Q1 – 2016.


It is our believe that the attainment of these aspirations is evidently derived from establishing an effective management system. At present such a management system is being developed in line with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.